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FARO11 was established in 2014 by a group of young professionals in the fields of art, culture, technology and economics. By thinking and working together we bring out innovative and unique solutions. Our strength lies in our diversity.
The mission of FARO11 is to foster free creativity, diversity and responsible management of local cultural, historic and natural resources. Founding an NGO, we committed to develop creative industries by applying the principles of sustainability. Our aim is to raise the level of youth education and employment within the field, strengthen the independent cultural scene and nurture our social and cultural reality.
All our activities are originating from these desires.





Ministry Support

The Croatian Ministry of culture has supported the work of FARO11, so you can soon expect some exciting happenings! To teach a unique masterclass about Carbon Printing and the "gellage" technique in 3d glass, we welcome renowned Czech photographer Michal Macku.
Also in preparation, an interesting seminar about Creative Industries and the development of this new range of economic activities. Stay tuned!

MP3 Platform

We are part of the MP3 Platform - a project for promotion, establishment, reflection and production of new media arts in Istria. This is a three year project financed by the Kultura Nova Foundation with the main objective to form a Centre for New Media Arts. Members of this project, alongside with FARO11, are other associations and art organizations from Istria - Apoteka (Vodnjan), Labin Art Express, Metamedij (Pula), and Sonitus (Pula).


"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”

- Albert Einstein


At Faro11 we are focused on research and development, education, project/event management, consultation and production in the following fields:

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Edmonda de Amicisa 15
52210, Rovinj, Croatia
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At FARO11, we constantly strive for growth and development, which is achieved by learning and networking.
If you are interested in the development of creative industries in the local (Rovinj / Istrian) context, and getting new professional experiences and cooperation, please contact us. Our desire is to create a network of professionals who operate on the principle of cooperation and mutual respect.
Membership in FARO11 will bring you: - Education through local, national and international programs in the field of creative industries - Realization of your projects or collaboration on some of the established projects - Networking - Development Rovinj / Istria coworking community.

The Board of Directors is responsible for all membership decisions.
Send a short motivation letter and CV to